3-months program of online yoga meditation classes

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Availability : August 2022- March 2023
Online Yoga Meditation Classes - Personalize sessions

You can improve your flexibility, strength, and overall well-being by practicing yoga. Through our online classes, you can enjoy all the benefits of yoga without leaving your home! Yoga is a great way to exercise your mind and body.

Your home stands for your classroom.

Taking yoga and meditation classes from home is easy: Yoga and meditation classes can be done at your leisure. Visiting a studio or gym is not necessary. Whether you want to attend a live class or watch a pre-recorded class, there’s no limit to what you can do.
If you take a class, you may not get the personalized attention you need to improve your practice. Online classes allow you to receive more attention from your instructor. You can get help with specific areas where you need it.
In-person yoga and meditation classes are usually more expensive than online classes. It is also possible to save money on things like travel and childcare.
The benefits of taking online yoga and meditation classes are numerous. Getting personalized attention, saving money, and learning from home are all advantages of online learning.

Become more flexible and healthy.

The benefits of yoga and meditation classes can be seen in your health and flexibility as well.
It is possible to improve your overall fitness by practicing yoga and meditation, which are low-impact exercises.
Yoga and meditation classes online can help you relax your muscles and learn how to breathe properly.
Balance and posture can be improved through yoga and meditation.
You can connect with your body and focus on breathing through online yoga and meditation classes.
Metabolism booster

You burn more calories and fat when you boost your metabolism. You can lose weight, get in better shape, and feel better overall by doing this. Metabolic boosts can be achieved through yoga and meditation.

In addition to increasing your heart rate, yoga can also help you build muscle. You will also be able to improve your flexibility and balance as well. Focus and concentration can be improved through meditation, which calms the mind and body.

Meditation and yoga are both beneficial for your health, but they are especially beneficial for boosting your metabolism. Taking yoga and meditation classes online is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to lose weight or get in better shape.

Schedule and timing

Friday and Saturday – Every Week 

Session Time and Duration

Start from 7AM, 11AM and 6PM

Things Required

  • Laptop/Smart Phone
  • Good Speed Internet
  • Yoga Mat
  • Wear loose cloths
What to Expect
  • Yoga asana classes online one-on-one for Hatha and Ashthanga
  • The practice of karma-yoga and recitation of mantras
  • Practices related to breath, pranayama, and shat-kriya
  • Practices for relaxation and meditation guided
  • Sankhya and Vedanta are two of the most important Indian philosophies studied in this course
  • A sutra neti pot and a neti pot

1st Month The first month will consist of 8 sessions on every Friday and Saturday

Healthy breathing- Learning breathing exercises is a terrific way to reduce stress, anxiety, and anxiety as well as promote leisure, calmness, and inner peace. Through this method, you will learn how to breathe well for a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy digestive system.
Food digestion is the root cause of many conditions. In addition to affecting your physical health, poor digestion can also negatively affect your mental health. In this practice, the gastrointestinal system will be activated, purified, and balanced.

2nd Month The second month consists of 8 sessions on every Friday and Saturday

Healthy anxiety – Stress plays a vital role in human survival and can even be beneficial and encouraging if taken in small doses. Long-term stress can lead to anxiety and illness. By using this technique, you will be able to balance your nervous system as well as release the tension in your body and your mind.

Having a healthy sexuality/pelvic floor.
In order to maintain a harmonious and holistic life, affection and sexual relations are crucial. There are, however, a number of physical and psychological difficulties that can cause clogs. Throughout the technique, become aware of what can cause these challenges, especially when collaborating with pelvic flooring and breathing.

3rd Month The third month consists of eight sessions on every Friday and Saturday

Healthy feelings – Feelings are motions of energy. In minds, feelings are recognitions of that power. In spite of this, you often suppress the feelings and also repeat the very same routines repeatedly. Using this technique, you’ll discover how to understand different emotions as well as how they affect your body.

A healthy mind is a happy mind.
The fascinating topic of how your mental attitude affects your physique will be discussed. After this theory, a whole mind exercise will be imparted through practice.

*Yoga Nidra and healthy rest.
Throughout your life, sleep plays an important role in your health and wellness. Your mental, physical, and general wellbeing can be enhanced by getting sufficient high quality sleep at the right times. You’ll learn methods for improving your sleep quality with this method.

Nidra Yoga is a scientific method for reducing stress in the body and mind. By using this powerful approach, leisure activity can be generated, as well as a variety of health and psychosomatic problems can be successfully treated. Discover the profound effects of conscious yogic sleep and change your life forever.

You may have wondered what the purpose of all the positions you enjoy on yoga programs is when you view yoga exercise shows on television. Here is what they have to offer:.

*Chanting improves focus and emphasis.
*Increase your efficiency at work.
*With Hatha yoga, you can burn fat. Become physically fit.
*Shatkarma is a method of cleansing the interior. Sanitation goes beyond the exterior.
*Through meditation, one can achieve psychological tranquility. Put an end to all that tension.
*Get in shape with Vinyasa yoga. Muscle mass can replace flab.
*With the right asanas and breathing practices, you can become healthier.