Yoga is of great help to children and your children too should practice yoga. Children need time away from the usual school routine, TV, and video games. Yoga increases the natural flexibility of your children and helps them to focus and concentrate which is a powerful skill. Children will practice yoga for fun and learn different asanas that will boost their confidence.  Children like fun and exciting poses. Asanas that have animal names brings relatable imagery and make yoga feel more like a play. Below are thrilling yoga asanas for your children that will strengthen their mind and body.

Corpse Pose

This is a relaxing asana and very good for kids who are resistant to napping. Corpse pose will make the kid feel more relaxed, and without knowing it they will fall asleep.

Puppy Pose

This is done while kneeling and stretching your arms in front such that your forehead is facing your mat. Raise your tailbone high above the heels and hold on for a few seconds. This is an excellent posture that helps in stretching the back and shoulders of your kid.



Cat and Cow Pose

Cow and cat asanas are fun exercises for your kids. Walk your kids with their hands and knees like a cow feeding. Interchange this with your children arching their backs like an angry cat to do the cat pose. This will be fun and children will enjoy every bit of these yoga asanas.



Tree Pose

Teach your children the tree pose of standing with one leg and tucking the foot of the other leg into the thigh of the standing leg. Here children learn how to focus and to balance. You can relate the functions of tree roots of supporting the entire parts of the trees with supporting your weight with one leg.

Airplane Pose

It is the famous warrior III pose, and kids will love this because they will imagine they are flying using one leg. This pose engages all muscles of their body while balancing on one leg.