Yoga & Asanas For Professionals

Yoga is for everyone even professionals. Yoga creates a productive working place and increases employees’ morale. Professionals need a perfect place to work and engaging them in yoga exercises is a great way to improve their performance. Below are yoga asanas for professionals.


These are different breathing techniques that help in relieving stress and calming your mind. Once you are feeling stressed at your workplace, go and do some breathing techniques. This will help you ease your mind and body and will increase your productivity at work.

Chair Pose

This is a pose great for people who spend most of their day sitting down. Chair pose will work on your thighs and legs. It’s an excellent way to burn excess fats in your thighs accumulated by sitting down for a long time. It also improves the blood circulation in your thighs and legs.

Corspe pose

This is the best way for every professional to end their day before they retire to bed. This asana will bring a calming effect for both your mind and body. It is an excellent way to get ready for tomorrows activities.

Upside and down pose

This is a yoga asana that will relieve your neck pain. This is mainly for professionals who do their work while standing like teachers. Do the up-side-down pose after work every day.

Cat and Pow Pose

Some professions require you to work while sited the whole day on your chair. With the increases in technology, almost every employee has a laptop in front of their desk. You keep scrolling and your eyes glued to the computer. You can develop back and eye pain. Doing the cat and cow pose can help you relieve back pain. You can also do eyeball rotation to prevent eye problems.